Use the options and data entry below to build your searchable table!


You can edit your data just like how you edit excel file. You can:

  • Add new row. Right click on any cell and select 'Insert Row Above/Below'
  • Delete row. Right click on any cell and select 'Remove Row'
  • Add new column. Right click on any cell and select 'Insert Column Left/Right'
  • Delete column. Right click on any cell and select 'Remove Column'
You can upload Excel and CSV file. By uploading the new file you will replace the existing data below.
Edit Data

Select any column to change the setting.

Column Setting:

Your Table Preview

What is is a web based generator for those in need of an easy, inexpensive yet beautiful searchable HTML table on their website.

New Features Now support external link in the table!


You can customize the table anyway you like, from text color, background color, row color, table styles etc.

You can upload data by uploading CSV (Command Separated Values) or Excel file, or edit directly on our easy to use web interface.

After you edit your map, click on "Save and Generate HTML Code" to retrieve the html that you can copy and paste into your website. You have the option of paying a small fee that will give you the ability to come back and edit the table later, or you can skip that and just get the code for free.

  • Free version can upload up to 200 row and 10 column of data, with display of attribution link on the bottom of the search table to help support our website.

  • For USD 9.99 you can buy the search table and can upload up to 100,000 row and 20 column of data, and get rid of the attribution link. You can configure the table as many time as you like and get your table updated without re-insert the code in your website.